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Дезинфекция, средства дезинфекции Дезинфекционные препараты, средства Фармакос
Санитария, гигиена Хлорантоин, Биомой Димол, Локодин
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Дезинфектанты, дезинфекция Мойтар, Вимол, Фарфорин
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SPC “Farmacos” - rewards.


All products of SPC "Farmacos" are ecologically safe and have a wide spectrum of application. Low prices as compared to foreign analogues, low norms of expense and high efficiency in relation to the wide circle of pathogenic microorganisms are the distinctive signs of "Farmakos" products.

The products of SPC "Farmacos" conquered wide confession at the market of disinfection and cleansing means. The preparations CHLORANTOIN® (2001) and BIOMOJ® (2002) are awarded with the quality sign "The Highest Hallmark".
These preparations are included to the international catalogue "Register of the Best Commodities of Ukraine".

In 2003 all products of SPC "Farmacos" are marked with diploma and sign "European Quality".

An enterprise SPC "Farmacos" is a laureate of the National rating "The Best Enterprises of Ukraine".

Having attained such high indexes, the body of SPC "Farmakos" insistingly works on the further improvement of the production and expansion of assortment of products.

SPC "Farmakos"
Office phone: +38 (050) 335-17-22
Accounting phone: +38 (050) 384-98-84
Laboratory phone: +38 (050) 527-40-09

E-mail: [email protected]
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