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Дезинфекция, средства дезинфекции Дезинфекционные препараты, средства Фармакос
Санитария, гигиена Хлорантоин, Биомой Димол, Локодин
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Дезинфектанты, дезинфекция Мойтар, Вимол, Фарфорин
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SPC “Farmacos”- leader of production of disinfection means


On September 30, 2004 Scientific production company “Farmacos” 10 years were carried out. Over these years an enterprise and his collective passed the difficult way of becoming and now SPC "Farmacos" occupies a decent place at the market of Ukraine as one of the most powerful producers of domestic means of disinfection.

An enterprise has a modern, high-efficiency equipment and production capacities, that allow annually to increase both the volume of the produced products and assortment.

Products of SPC "Farmacos" are ecologically safe, have a wide spectrum of application (medicine, veterinary science, food and processing industry, general sanitary setting) and are well-known in Ukraine.

Our clients are hundreds of medical institutions, lots of enterprises of food industry: breweries, pastry enterprises, milk factories, meat processing and packing factories, poultry factories and stock-raising complexes, and also hotels, schools, point-of-sale enterprises, stations, all types of transport, airports etc.

Low prices as compared to foreign analogues, low norms of expense and high efficiency are the distinctive signs of "Farmacos" products.

One of primary objectives of firm is providing high quality of the produced products. All products are without fail controlled in obedience to technical conditions that eliminates realization of unstandard parties to the user.

As a result of purposeful group’s job an enterprise’s products were rewarded with diplomas of laureate of national competition "The Highest Hallmark" (Chlorantoin®, 2001, Biomoj®, 2002). These preparations are added to the international catalogue "Register of the best commodities of Ukraine" (2003-2004), and a firm SPC "Farmacos" is a laureate of the rating "The Best Enterprises of Ukraine".

SPC "Farmakos"
Office phone: +38 (050) 335-17-22
Accounting phone: +38 (050) 384-98-84
Laboratory phone: +38 (050) 527-40-09

E-mail: [email protected]
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