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Дезинфекция, средства дезинфекции Дезинфекционные препараты, средства Фармакос
Санитария, гигиена Хлорантоин, Биомой Димол, Локодин
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Дезинфектанты, дезинфекция Мойтар, Вимол, Фарфорин
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SPC "Farmacos" - questionnaire of enterprise


 1. Complete name of enterprise, pattern of ownership:

Scientific production company with limited liability “Farmacos”, collective ownership.

 2. Leader (position, last name, first name, patronymic, tel./fax ):

Director general of SPC “Farmacos” – Shusterman Valerij Jurjevich,
tel/fax (044) 351-19-14, 351-19-15, 351-19-16

 3. Postal address:

Postal code - 03124
Settlement - Kiev;
Street - Vyborgskaya 99

 4. Essential elements of connection:

Telephone code: 044
Tel/fax: 351-19-14, 351-19-15, 351-19-16, +38 (050) 335-17-22
Е-mail: [email protected]

 5. Basic sphere of enterprise’s activity:

Production and realization of products of sanitation and hygiene.

 6. Products, services offered by an enterprise:

Development of prescriptions, technologies of receipt and application, production and realization of disinfection, antiseptic, insecticide, rodenticide, cosmetic, medicinal and veterinary preparations.

  7. Registered trade marks:

SPC “FARMACOS” (cert. № 20527);
CHLORANTOIN® (cert. № 0050);
BIOMOJ® (cert. № 0051);
DIMOL-P® (cert. № 23413);
LOKODIN (cert. № 0011);
CHLORAN (cert. № 23414).

 8. Declared products:

are included into “The golden lines” of "The Register of Best Commodities of Ukraine".
Disinfection mean CHLORANTOIN® and pre-sterilization cleaning Biomoj® have "The Highest Hallmark" sign.
All products of SPC “FARMACOS” are marked with diploma and sign "European Quality".

 9. Additional information about products:

Ecologically safe, has a wide spectrum of application (medicine, veterinary science, food and processing industry, general sanitary setting).
Low prices, as compared to foreign analogues, low norms of expense and high efficiency.
SPC "Farmakos"
Office phone: +38 (050) 335-17-22
Accounting phone: +38 (050) 384-98-84
Laboratory phone: +38 (050) 527-40-09

E-mail: [email protected]
Price: Microsoft ExcelPDFRAR

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